Garden of the Albrechts´s Family

Garden of the Albrechts´s Family

The Albrecht House is a creating center in the heart of historic Bratislava. The garden was established in August 2019 as part of the exterior of the cultural center. It tries to combine practical and decorative functions. It serves as an auditorium for public art events, so it is a combination of audience seating and flower beds with decorative flowers and trees.

garden at the museum / gallery
138 m a.s.l.
0.036 ha
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N 48.1440453
E 17.1045750
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The former house of the Bratislava Cathedral Chapter precinct on Kapitulská Street became in 1945 the home of one of the best-known artistic families in the 20th century Slovakia - the Albrecht family. Thanks to the activities of two generations of Albrechts, the house evolved into an informal cultural and educational centre of the town. The garden belonged to favourite meeting points of Bratislava´s intelligentsia in the past.

The Albrecht House is a newly established cultural centre located in the heart of Bratislava historical centre. A volunteer activity, which began in 2011, is striving to commemorate a unique history of chamber music performing tradition among Pressburg/Bratislava inhabitants in 19th and 20th century. The garden, as a space for cultural events, contributes to the revival of the meeting of artistic society and intelligentsia, which were typical for the house, thanks to their original inhabitants - the Albrecht family.

Description of the park

Fauna and flora of the park

Cherry, fly ash, hawthorn, lilac, dogwood, viburnum, hydrangea, photinia, brunnera, hellebore, aster, bergenia, azalea, lavender, echinacea, agastache, herbs, five-leaved pavin, three-lobed pavin.

Current use

The garden hosts many concerts, mainly chamber music, the HORTUS ARTIS festival. The garden is regularly involved in the event  Open Parks and Gardens Weekend.


p. Igor Valentovič
č.t.: 0908 709 895

Plan your way

The garden of the Albrecht family is located in the center of Bratislava, in the Old Town, it is accessible on foot or by tram from the main station.

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Accessibility of the park

This park is accessible to the public!