Tomášikovo Park

Tomášikovo Park

The manor house and the park are situated in the centre of Tomášikovo, on the left-hand side of the state road n. 507. The ground plan of the park has an irregular shape, which is to a certain extent affected by the natural configuration of the terrain and the water flow of Čierna Voda, which composes the eastern border.

historical park / garden
National cultural monument
English-landscape park
114 m n. m. m a.s.l.
18.2 ha
Nearby attractions:
In the municipality, there is a historic round mill, which is one of a few original preserved water mills with a raceway in Slovakia. Today it serves as a technical monument of milling in south Slovakia.
N 17.6940540
E 48.0852040
Disabled accessible
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Dogs allowed only by dog –lead
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Múdre stromy


The manor house in Tomášikovo is a significant work of baroque-classical architecture, built on a base of an older, renaissance manor house from 17. century. The main building is two-floor, with a salient wall in the middle and pilasters separating the wall. The large courtyard is lined with ground agricultural buildings.

The owner of the manor house and adjacent park, court chancellor František Esterházy in the year 1763,  provided his residence for the use of an orphanage for the children of the noblemen who had fallen in service of Maria Theresa. The first establishment of this kind in the Kingdom of Hungary worked in the manor house for almost two decades. The orphans were later replaced by prisoners. During the years of functioning of the orphanage and the prison, it's hard to assume the existence of a conceptually formed park. Its establishment (or reconstruction) could have taken place after the transfer of the prisoners at the end of the 18th century, or later.


The park was mostly damaged in November 1944, while crossing of German military units. The Germans in cooperation with the local organisation Arrow Cross (nyilaskeresztesek, nyilasok) cut down the plane trees and their trunks were used for the construction of anti-tank barriers. Temporary bridges built from fir trees in Tomášikovo and Jahodná were later blown up. Honey locusts were cut down and lime trees were planted out. After the War and after the departure of the last private owners of the manor - Virgilius Cereset and his wife Helena Esterházy - was the area transferred under the state administration.

Description of the park

The ground plan of the park has an irregular shape, which is to a certain extent affected by the natural configuration of the terrain and the water flow of Čierna Voda, which composes the eastern border. The surface area of the park, which is plotted on the cadastral map originated in the year 1890 when the area had the most representative appearance hasn't been preserved and its area was reduced.  


During the historical progress, the structure of the park was settled into more representative parts, which followed the manor house and into almost natural areas, which were incorporated into the park. The area in front of the manor house, which is made of grass, dominates Common oak, which is said to be planted by Maria Theresa. It is estimated that the tree is 250 years old. The part that is the greatest in its area is connected to the stream of Čierna Voda and its arm and is made of a vegetation mosaic with the character of the forest and open grassland. The system of pathways passes through the park and it is possible to cross the water by bridges.

Fauna and flora of the park

The composition of the species of trees in the park was in the first place based on original trees natural for the environment. The most common species is European ash (Fraxinus excelsior). The second most common species are large-leaved lime (Tilia plathyphyllos) along with small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) and the common lime (Tilia x vulgaris). Abundantly represented are species of Maple - the sycamore, Norway maple and field maple (Acer pseudoplatanus, Acer platanoides, Acer campestre).

In the sense of natural-landscape style was this relatively poor species composition enriched by introduced species for the architectural layout and aesthetic impact. It is worth mentioning the group of bald cypress planted on the northeast part near the shore of the arm of the Čierna Voda. The original group was according to the available data made of 11 species, until today 7 of them are preserved. 

In the park, there are several massive and interesting trees, some of which are reaching impressive sizes with the circumference of the trunk over 300cm. The biggest tree is English oak with a circumference of 830 cm, which grows in the east part of the area. It is a massive, healthy tree with impressive sizes, the diameter of the tree crown reaching over 30m.


Hear the stories of the Wise Trees

List of Wise Trees in this park

Múdre stromy

Hear the stories of the Wise Trees

List of Wise Trees in this park

Current use

 The park is used for the recreation of the inhabitants and visitors of the municipality.


Obecný úrad, Hlavná č. 319,  925 04  Tomášikovo

Tel.:+421/ 31/ 78 55 231, +421/ 31/ 78 55 284

Fax:+421/ 31/ 78 55 961


Plan your way

You can get to Park Tomášikovo from Dunajská Streda or Galanta along the road n. 507.

Opening hours

The park is freely accessible to the public.

Accessibility of the park

This park is accessible to the public!