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Parks and gardens as the common pieces of art of man and nature are important part of our cultural and natural heritage. 

Through our website of Centre of Garden Culture of  NT we would like to present beauty and values of historical parks and  gardens of Slovakia.

By giving you practical and updated information we would like to motivate you to visit and protect these unique places. 

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Artists in Gardens

The gardens are common pieces of art of man and nature. The gardens with all their moods are for many centuries providing endless source of inspiration for the artists. They also provide an ideal piece for the manifestation of the art of the given period of time. However in these days the art is somehow disapppearing from our parks and gardens.

Our activity Artists in the gardens was created from the above mentioned reasons. Its aim is to try to reconnect the art with the parks and gardens in Slovakia.  We would like to inspire and motivate all amateur and professional artists to create and work their artpieces connected to our green heritage. Even their not good physical state, historical parks and gardens are still providing an ideal space for organizing fine-art open air workshops and other artistic events.    

In co-operation with schools of paintings, amateur and professional artists we support the comeback of the artists to our parks and gardens. Through our website we offer for sale original amaterur and also professional art pieces with the parks and gardens topic. Our earnings from this activity are being used for the organisation of  suitable artistic events for the kids from painting schools, artists and also all the others interested in this topic. 

You can also become the part of our initiative once you support us by buying some of the unique pieces we are offering you ! Furthermore a part of the income will help us to maintain and develop our website and our efforts to protect and present historic parks and gardens in Slovakia. Thanks!

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