Friend of parks and gardens

Even you would say that for finding the answers and solutions for our historical parks and gardens depend mainly from the better funding opportunities, we think that to solve these problems is also connected to the fact of getting the support and co-operation of the public. So, it means that it is necessary to involve the everyday users of these areas – people of our country.

From this reason The National Trust of Slovakia had decided to establish in 2006 the working group Friends of historical parks and gardens(or simply Friends of Parks and Gardens).

                The main aim of this working group is by all possible means  to raise the awareness about the historical parks and gardens in Slovakia for their better understanding and appreciation. This working group would like to help scientific research, information dissemination, international exchange, publishing of scientific documents and to lead the public towards the respect and understanding of nature and cultural heritage.

Our task is:

-         to put together the human and professional potential for getting the knowledge about the real state of historical parks and   

          gardens   in  Slovakia

-         searching and proposing the solutions for the complex solving of problems of historical parks and gardens   

-         creation of database of historical parks and gardens and subjects working in this topic

-         systematic monitoring of historical parks and gardens

-         organizing of international and domestic professional but also social and educational  programmes and events

-         creation of preconditions for the funding opportunities for historical parks protection, renovation, sensible use and interpretations


If you like our ideas and would like to be involved in our activities, please contact us on With your support and involvement we can achieve more!