Liszt`s Garden

Liszt`s Garden

Liszt's Garden is a garden near the University Library, located in the Old Town of Bratislava behind the houses on Kapitulská, Ventúrska, Prepoštska and Farská Streets
It is a continuation of the medieval garden with a late-baroque pavilion built in the second half of the 18th century. Today, the garden is named after Franz Liszt, despite the fact that the artist never visited it.
historical park / garden
National cultural monument
Klariská 1, Bratislava - Old Town
m a.s.l.
N 48.1431146
E 17.1056048
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The garden near the late-baroque palace of Prince Leopold de Pauli represents an important natural space that has been preserved as a remnant of the so-called royal garden from the 15th century. The Palace of Prince de Pauli was built in 1775-1776 for the chief administrator of the imperial estates on the former royal estate. The construction contractor was architect F.K. Rȍmisch, proceeding probably according to the plans of F. A. Hillebrandt. This palace was the only one in the 18th century, apart from the provost's palace on Kapitulská street. , a regular courtyard and a larger garden. In that period, they built a ground-floor building in it, called the music pavilion, which is incorrectly said to have been where Franz Liszt gave concerts. Between 1960 and 1969, the palace was adapted for the needs of the University Library. Today, we can follow the development of the garden on three maps from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Description of the park

It is located near the late Baroque palace of Prince Leopold de Pauli, administrator of the royal estates. This palace was built in 1775-76 on the site of an older royal house. It is the only palace apart from the provost's palace on Kapitulská street, which had a regular courtyard and an adjacent larger garden in the 18th century. At that time, they built a baroque ground-floor building in the garden, the so-called A music pavilion where concerts and garden parties were held. The garden is reconstructed in an abstract geometrical hint of the original Baroque symmetrical composition, the form of which has not been preserved in detail.

Fauna and flora of the park

Current use

Currently, the Liszt Garden serves as a summer reading room for visitors to the University Library in Bratislava. Music concerts are held there. He regularly participates in the nationwide event the Open Parks and Gardens Weekend.


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Plan your way

The Liszt´s garden is located in the center of Bratislava, in the Old Town it can be reached on foot or by tram from the main station

Opening hours

The summer reading room in the Liszt`s garden, with an entrance from the building at Ventúrská 11, is accessible during the library's opening hours.

Accessibility of the park

This park is accessible to the public!