Park Veľké Leváre

Park Veľké Leváre

The remarkable three-axis composition of the Baroque park, together with the preserved allegorical statues or romantic pavilions, is hidden behind the locked gates of the historical park in Veľké Leváre.

historical park / garden
National cultural monument
English-landscape park
Veľké Leváre
Park is located by the manor house in the village Veľké Leváre
131 m a.s.l.
14 ha
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Haban Museum, Abrod National Nature Reserve
N 48.5007040
E 17.0054220
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The Baroque mansion on the hill above the Rudava brook, together with the park, was built in 1723 by the Kollonič family on older Gothic and Renaissance foundations. The Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Žigmund Kollonič, had a building with a cour d'honneur - the courtyard of honor. In the courtyard is still a small circular fountain with baroque sculpture.

In the second half of the 19th century, the mansion with the park became the property of the Wenckheim family. In the late 19th and early 19th centuries, Count Stephen Wenckheim developed a lively economic and business activity on his estate: sugar beet, potato, fruit and horticulture, cattle breeding and riding horses. He founded a sawmill, a brick factory and a distillery. The mill under the mansion supplied the mansion with electricity.

In 1941, the mansion with the park was purchased by the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Health established a psychiatric treatment institute. During the Second World War was in the manor established a military field hospital of the German army and after crossing the front in 1947 hospital of the Soviet Army. After the end of the war, the psychiatric therapeutic institution returned to the manor house, which was located here until 2005. In that year the institute was abolished and since then the cougher and the park have been failed.

Description of the park

The manor is located in a fenced park with an area of 14 hectares. By architecturally connecting the large manor house with a radial network of paths and descending terraces, the garden designers in Veľké Leváry tried to recall the "Lenôtrian pattern". There is a staircase with a balustrade and vases. The geometric floor plan of the park, which is dominated by a three-axis composition, is remarkable.

The original park in the French Baroque style was built here at the same time as the manor house. The Baroque park turns into an English landscape park, founded in the first half of the 19th century. It was later romantically adapted. At the back they complemented it with a romantic body of water and at the front an artificially widened stream. It is also decorated with romantic pavilions and allegorical sculptures. In the park there is a baroque chapel and a mill from the 18th century.

Fauna and flora of the park

At present, large deciduous trees, foreign conifers and shrubs planted in previous centuries are growing in the park.At present, large deciduous trees, foreign conifers and shrubs planted in previous centuries are growing in the park.

Current use

At present, the manor house is abandoned and, like the park, it is dilapidated.


Obecný úrad Leváre: 034/7794317

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The park is located in the center of Veľké Leváre, accessible by foot, by car or by train (railway line: Bratislava - Kúty - Břeclav).

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Accessibility of the park

Sorry, this park is unfortunately not accessible to the public!