Betliar park

Betliar park

The landscape park and manor house in Betliar is considered to be one of the most beautiful manor houses and grounds in Slovakia.The park is the largest historical parkland in Slovakia with an area of about 57 hectares. Beside the manor house, many period structures still stand in the grounds. The manor house was awarded the international,cultural heritage prize, Europa Nostra, in 1994 for sensitive reconstruction.

historical park / garden
National cultural monument
English-landscape park
Situated 7 km North of Rožňava in the village of Betliar. Part of Betliar manor house grounds.
352 m a.s.l.
57 ha
Nearby attractions:
14th C Catholic church in Betliar&Volovské mountains
N 48.7061218
E 20.5102410
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Dogs allowed only by dog –lead
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The park establishment dates back to 1792 – 1795, the time of Count Leopold Andrassy.  The designer of the English nature park was a garden landscape architect of French descent, Henrich Nebbien. Another significant architect in manorial park’s history was Joseph Bergmann, who designed and supervised the construction of a huge artificial waterfall, the largestof its kind in Slovak parks, in 1823.

Description of the park

Composition of the park was largely influenced by its surroundings. The park was established in the central part of Betliar’s crooked stream’s basin and based on domestic tree species, especially maples, ashes, limes, oaks, hornbeams, beeches, etc. Most of the trees are now in their prime and peak beauty. Both the park and the manor house are national cultural sites.
Other important elements of the park are: the Round house, the Forest house,Chinese pavillon, Japanese bridge, called  “Kalapov most“, Bosnian barruins and a replica of the Olympic torch. Equally interesting is the great artificial waterfall with a grotto and the well of Hermes.There is also a sculpture of Psyche made by an unknown French sculptor,which is situated in front of manor house.

Fauna and flora of the park

Hear the stories of the Wise Trees

List of Wise Trees in this park

Múdre stromy

Hear the stories of the Wise Trees

List of Wise Trees in this park

Current use

The Betliar manor house garden is the largest historical, natural park in Slovakia, and was registered in the world historical gardens list since 1978. The landscape garden, with an area of 57 hectares, is part of manor house grounds inBetliar. Beside the manor house, many period structures still stand in the grounds, enhancing the park’s historical style. The manor house in Betliar is consideredto be one of the most beautiful manor houses remaining in Slovakia. In 1995, it was bestowed the status ofnational cultural monument. The last fullreconstruction for the manor house and park was took placebetween 1989-1993. For this reconstruction, the manor house was awarded the international prize Europe Nostra in 1994.



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Plan your way

The park is situated in the village of Betliarr eachable by car or bus from the town of Rožňava

Opening hours

May 1st – Oct. 31st: 7.00 - 21.00

Nov. 1st– April 30th: 7.00 -18.00

Accessibility of the park

This park is accessible to the public!