Park Oponice

Park Oponice

Lots of famous people were visitors of the Renaissance manor house and park. In 1910, American president, Theodore Roosevelt was one of the special guests. The manor house hosted also Indian maharaja and American billionaire, Thomas Cardeza, who sailed on Titanic.

historical park / garden
National cultural monument
English-landscape park
Park is a part of area around manor house, which is situated in Oponice village.
168 m a.s.l.
7 ha
Nearby attractions:
Botanical garden in Nitra, park Topoľčianky
N 48.4482610
E 18.1563230
Disabled accessible
Car park
Dogs allowed
Available for private hire
Available for photography


Oponice's manor house has a rich history. It is situated in a stunning location of English garden in the western part of the village. Manor house was built by Apponyis between 16th and17th century. This family dwelled there until 1940. They replaced castle by this manor house and were rebuilding it until 19th century. The last reconstruction was done between 1844 -1846, when northern wing of the house was built. A library was placed there. Apponyi library was made just because of an utter love for books. It was founded in Vienna by Oponice's earl and patron Anton Juraj Apponyi. He loved books and he collected them for his whole life. Juraj Apponyi collected more than 30 000 unique books. At the end of 18th century, the library consisted of more than 400 incunabulums. One of the most precious books was “Prudentii Aurelii Opera” from 9th century. In its golden age, the library included also Dante's “Alighieri commedia col commento” and legendary Gutenberg's Bible from 1435.

Description of the park

In the park, you can find many rare woody plants, fountain and also tennis courts founded by Apponyis- great fans of Wimbledon.

Fauna and flora of the park

Current use

Nowadays, Renaissance manor house serves as a luxurious hotel with famous baroque library. If you wish to see the hotel from the inside, you may participate in tour accompanied by an employee of the hotel.

Nice English park is an ideal place for a walk. The area includes tennis courts, playground and lake as well.


recepcia hotela t.č.: +421 38 323 8111

Plan your way

Oponice village is reachable by car or by bus from Nitra or Topoľčany.

Opening hours

Park is available for public.

One unique part of the manor house is a very precious Apponyi library, which is open all year round. The library tours are chargeable. National library in Martin is in charge also of this particular library

Accessibility of the park

This park is accessible to the public!